In 2016 YouGov asked the UK public if they felt “politicians and the media talk about economics in a way that is accessible and easy to understand”. Only 12% answered yes. So, People’s Economy started a campaign to reclaim what economics is really about – seven billion stories, the lives we lead, and the choices we make. They’re calling it “understandable economics”.

We started working with People’s Economy in March 2017, as they approached the end of their first financial year as a CIO to help with the preparation of their annual accounts and perform their independent examination.

They’d had a complex set up having been a split off from another UK charity – Rethinking Economics – and having had significant delays in the setup of a separate bank account.

As a result there were some significant complexities over the first year accounts that required additional disclosures and support. We led the board of trustees through this process, resulting in a set of accounts that clearly outlined what had happened and a board that fully understood the presentation of the accounts.

In the following year we were able to spend far more time on the presentation of the accounts, following both theirs and our passion to have a document that anyone could pick up and understand. The final document was a set of accounts that didn’t just meet the legal requirements but are also fun(?!) to read!

We passionately believe that contact with our year end clients should be an ongoing dialogue throughout the year and so we continue to provide regular telephone support to their Chief Executive and Operations Officer, having also helped to set up their Xero accounting software and providing payroll support on a monthly basis.

“The end of year for People’s Economy comprises of an independent examination and production of our annual report and accounts. Andy is supportive throughout and creates our report complete with photographs of our highlights and even follows our brand guidelines, which is a perfect document to share with our funders.”

Joe Earle, Chief Executive
People’s Economy